Senior Magistrate/Deputy Registrar

Job Summary

Department: Supreme Court/Magistrate

Salary: $66852- $66852

Grade: R12 - R12

Allowances: Travel - $9,600.00 (provided that applicant owns and uses motor vehicle for work purposes) Telephone – $720.00 (taxable) Legal Allowance - $48,000.00 (taxable)

Deadline Date: Monday March 26, 2018

Days Left: 2

About the Job

The Government of Montserrat is inviting applications from suitably qualified persons for the post of SENIOR MAGISTRATE/DEPUTY REGISTRAR within the Supreme Court/Magistrate’s Office, Government of Montserrat.




To ensure that the Supreme and Magistrate Courts have an appropriate balance of resources to meet the needs of the courts, fulfilling the short and long term statutory obligations and ambitions of their organization strategies. 

In addition, the Senior Magistrate/Deputy Registrar is the Chief Court Administrator for the Supreme and Magistrate Courts.





To include the following:


  • To deputize as Registrar in the absence of the Registrar; and to serve as Magistrate in the absence of the Chief Magistrate;


  • To facilitate contemporaneous sittings of the Magistrates' Court as required by the Chief Magistrate;


  • To support the Registrar in performing duties as Chief Court Administrator, that is, the general management of the Court System to include maintenance of case files and the supervision of JEMS;


  • To act as the first point of contact between the ECSC, other court bodies, legal fraternities and the Registry (and bring any critical issues in the ECSC Circuit Region to the attention of the Registrar);


  • To supervise the preparation of appeal documents (Records  of Appeal, etc) and their transmission to the Court of Appeal;


  • To ensure safe and timely transmission of applications and  other documents for the Court of Appeal process;


  • To transmit documents/communications from the Court of Appeal to the relevant Attorney’s at law;



  • To be responsible for the preparation of Budget estimates for both Registrar and Magistrate Courts and to monitor the performance of these budgets;


  • To supervise the day-to-day activities of the offices  and internal financial management systems (approve purchases, salary sheets, Juror wages);


  • To ensure compliance with the Ministry of Finance/Treasury policies and regulations/requirements;


  • To supervise and provide advice to staff in the performance of their duties;


  • To support the development of and training of staff in legal and administrative   procedures;


  • To be responsible for the preparation of strategic and operation planning documents and performance management of staff;


  • To carry out delegated statutory duties for registration, to include:

            Registration of Birth, Deaths & Marriages , places of Public Worship,          Trade Unions,  Newspapers, Marriage Officers, Medical Practitioners,   Notary Publics, Marriage Venues/Churches


  • Perform duties of a Commissioner of Oaths;


  • Facilitate contemporaneous sittings of the Magistrates' Court as required by the Chief Magistrate;
  • Perform any other duties pertaining to the job function.





The successful applicant must:


  • Have a Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB) and a Certificate of Legal Education (CLE);

  • Must be admitted to the Bar to practice law in Montserrat;

  • Have at least five (5) years’ experience as a practicing Attorney at Law;

  • Strong operational management coupled with strategic planning skills;

  • Strong interpersonal, supervisory and conflict resolution skills;

  • Ability to work cross functionally with all levels of staff and management;

  • Research and report writing skills;

  • IT skills and ability to manipulate financial data.

Terms of Appointment


Appointment will be made on a permanent or contractual basis.


Remuneration Package


Basic Salary is at R12, that is EC$66,852.00 annually (taxable).




Travel - $9,600.00 (provided that applicant owns and uses motor vehicle for work purposes)

Telephone – $720.00 (taxable)

Legal Allowance - $48,000.00 (taxable)



Application forms can be obtained from the Government of Montserrat’s website at (Click on ‘Forms’). Application forms can also be obtained from the Human Resources Management Unit, Brades, Montserrat by e-mail to or by telephone at 1 (664) 491-2365/2444 or by fax at 1 (664) 491-6234.


Applicants must provide all of the following information:


  • A completed Application Form with a covering letter

    A comprehensive curriculum vitae with full particulars of experience, and copies of relevant academic qualifications. 

    NOTE: Original certificates of qualifications or official notarized copies will be requested from those invited to interview

    A clear statement detailing why in the applicant’s view he/she considers him/herself well qualified for the position

    Two letters of reference with full contact details of the referees


    Completed application forms must be returned to the Human Resources Management Unit either by email, or by fax or by ordinary mail. These should be addressed to the Chief Human Resources Officer, Human Resources Management Unit, Government Headquarters, Brades, Montserrat.



    Shortlisted applicants will be invited to participate in a selection process that involves attending one or more interviews and/or assessment centres.  These interviews are designed to assess the skills, competencies and attitudes of the applicant and may be conducted via SKYPE or in person.  The Interviews and/or Assessment Centres allow the Selection Panel to draw on more evidence about the applicants than can be derived from the written application.


    The deadline for the receipt of applications is 4:00 p.m. Monday 26th March, 2018.








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