Director of Disaster Management Coodination Agency

Job Summary

Department: Office of the Deputy Governor

Salary: $74760- $74760

Grade: R7 - R7

Allowances: • Travel - EC$9,600.00 per annum (Non-Taxable) (provided that applicant owns and uses motor vehicle for work purposes) • Telephone - EC$1,800.00 per annum (Taxable) • Entertainment - EC$8,400.00 per annum (Non-Taxable)

Deadline Date: Thursday March 29, 2018

Days Left: 5

About the Job

The Government of Montserrat is inviting applications from suitably qualified persons for the post of Director of Disaster Management Coordination Agency within the Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA), Office of the Deputy Governor.

Job Purpose:

The Director (DMCA) shall be responsible to H E The Governor for coordinating the general policy of the Government of Montserrat relating to the mitigation of, preparedness for, response to and recovery from emergencies and disasters in Montserrat. DMCA is undertaking a review and the Director has to be lead on this review.


  • Advise the Governor on the disaster management policies and programmes;
  • Advise the Governor on safety measures in operations in the exclusion zone;
  • Provide technical advice on draft regulations pertaining to disaster management;
  • Represents the Governor in communicating the Department’s business and policy agenda;
  • To implement government policies and decisions, leading and directing staff, and ensuring activities are aligned with the government’s corporate strategic agenda;
  • Develop and recommend to the Governor national policies that foster and promote Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM);
  • To be responsible to H E The Governor for the strategic issues affecting the non-military, non-security aspects of the management of an emergency or crisis incident and for directing the support functions of the department;
  • Provide strategic advice and options on policy issues and programme decisions, including complete information and supporting analysis;
  • To participate in corporate strategic  and cross ministry initiatives;
  • Prepare and review disaster risk assessment maps for Montserrat;
  • Prepare and up-date the National Disaster Plan;
  • Conduct programmes for public information and education relating to CDM.
  • Gather, analyze and interpret relevant research information from other departments relating to the likelihood of disasters in Montserrat;
  • To assume direct responsibility for the implementation of emergency management policy, strategy and programmes through day to day supervision of activities of the DMCA;
  • Ensure that the human, fiscal, information and program resources are adequate and are maximized and appropriately and effectively managed to meet goals in accordance with relevant laws and regulations;
  • Ensure the adequacy and effective implementation of all Agencies’ disaster mitigation and response plans;
  • To facilitate the exchange of disaster information among persons and organizations locally, regionally and internationally;
  • To act as the focal point for all disaster responders whether local, regional or international;
  • To establish and maintain relationships with other units of government, NGO’s and the private sector to aid the enhancement of emergency management;
  • Develop business plans, strategies and budgets which support the corporate agenda over the short, medium and long term;
  • To update the overall emergency manuals and plans;
  • To attend disaster preparedness meetings at regional and international levels;
  • Assume responsibility for the implementation of CDERA disaster management activities in Montserrat;
  • Establish and maintain relationships with regional and international agencies and institutions that will enhance the effectiveness of local emergency management activities;

·         Perform any other duties pertaining to the job function.


Personnel Specifications

The successful candidate should have:

  • A Master’s degree in a Disaster Management, a technical discipline or management related field from a recognized tertiary institution and have at least 3-5yrs experience in a senior management role, with proven experience in formulating policies and directing diverse programmes to achieve results;
  • Knowledge of disaster management and 3 years’ experience in disaster management work in the Caribbean;
  • A sound understanding of the principles of disaster management;
  • Must demonstrate an understanding of financial management;
  • The capacity to provide leadership in stressful and crisis situations;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills are required for effective performance;
  • Able to demonstrate competence in managing change, problem solving and strategic planning and organizing ability.

Terms of Appointment

Appointment will be made on a permanent or contractual basis.

Remuneration Package

Basic Salary is at R7, that is EC$74,760.00 per annum (taxable).


·         Travel                      -  EC$9,600.00 per annum (Non-Taxable)     

      (provided that applicant owns and uses  

      motor vehicle for work purposes)

·         Telephone               -  EC$1,800.00 per annum (Taxable)

·         Entertainment        -  EC$8,400.00 per annum (Non-Taxable)



Application forms can be obtained from the Government of Montserrat’s website at (Click on ‘Forms’). Application forms can also be obtained from the Human Resources Management Unit, Brades, Montserrat by e-mail to or by telephone at 1 (664) 491-2365/2444 or by fax at 1 (664) 491-6234.

Applicants must provide all of the following information:

ü  A completed Application Form with a covering letter

ü  A comprehensive curriculum vitae with full particulars of experience, and copies of relevant academic qualifications. 

o   NOTE: Original certificates of qualifications or official notarized copies will be requested from those invited to interview

ü  A clear statement detailing why in the applicant’s view he/she considers him/herself well qualified for the position

ü  Two letters of reference with full contact details of the referees

Completed application forms must be returned to the Human Resources Management Unit either by email, or by fax or by ordinary mail. These should be addressed to the Chief Human Resources Officer, Human Resources Management Unit, Government Headquarters, Brades, Montserrat.


Shortlisted applicants will be invited to participate in a selection process that involves attending one or more interviews and/or assessment centres.  These interviews are designed to assess the skills, competencies and attitudes of the applicant and may be conducted via SKYPE or in person.  The Interviews and/or Assessment Centres allow the Selection Panel to draw on more evidence about the applicants than can be derived from the written application.

The deadline for the receipt of applications is 4:00 p.m. Friday 29th March, 2018.







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