Job Summary

Department: Ministry of Health

Salary: $66852- $76620

Grade: R12 - R6

Allowances: •Traveling - EC$9,600.00 per annum (payable only if officer is in possession of a motor vehicle; •Telephone - EC$720.00 per annum (taxable); •Professional - EC$54,000 per annum (taxable); •Housing – EC$18,000 per annum (taxable).

Deadline Date: Friday May 4, 2018

Days Left: 12

About the Job

The Government of Montserrat is inviting applications from suitably qualified persons for the post of Psychiatrist within the Ministry of Health and Social Services.


Job Purpose

To provide preventative and curative psychiatric care services to the people of Montserrat, in accordance with established standards of competence, integrity, accountability, objectivity and confidentiality.  


Main Responsibilities include:

Care of Existing Clients

  1. Lead the mental health team in conducting Mental Status Examinations (hereinafter referred to as ‘MSE’) and management of all new and registered clients with repeat follow up checks as necessary.

  2. Visit and check housebound clients in the community on a schedule to be agreed with the Chief Medical Officer.    

Care of In-patient/Acute Cases

  1. Conduct MSE and management for hospitalized patients as referred. 

  2. Provide care to patients experiencing acute mental health episodes.   

  3. Provide consultation for emergency cases.

Care of Institutionalized Persons 

  1. Conduct MSE and treatment for all mentally ill prison in-mates and repeat follow-up as necessary. 

  2. Lead the development of the mental health aspect of the Prison Rehabilitation Programme. 

Care of Persons in Homes for the Elderly

  1. Quarterly examination and management of mentally ill patients in all homes for the Elderly. 

  2. Provide advice on management of senile and psycho-geriatric clients.

Promotion of Good Mental Health

  1. Liaise with the Primary Health Care Team to design and present programmes that promote mental health well-being, utilizing a variety of available media. 

  2. Work with agreed stakeholders to facilitate programmes that promote mental health. 


  1. Assist in the in-service training programme for health staff.

  2. Lead on the design and presentation of training sessions for stakeholders to include Prison, Social Services, Police, Fire Officers, Teachers, Day Care Centre and Nursery School Workers.


  1. Prepare Mental Health Reports when required for legal purposes.

  2. In collaboration with the Mental Health Team, prepare and submit quarterly reports on the Unit’s activities.

Policy Development

  1. Provide advice and assistance to the Ministry of Health in the developments of policies that will impact mental health services offered to the people of Montserrat.


Person Specification/Key Skills Requirements

The Applicant should possess the following:

  • An MBBS degree from a recognized University.

  • A Doctor of Medicine in Psychiatry or a similar recognized qualification in Psychiatry.

  • A minimum of three (3) years’ work experience in a comprehensive psychiatric service. 


Terms of Appointment

Appointment will be on a permanent or contractual basis.


Remuneration Package

Basic Salary

The salary scale for the post is R12-6, that is, EC$66,852-EC$76,620 per annum (taxable). 


  • Traveling - EC$9,600.00 per annum (payable only if officer is in possession of a motor vehicle;

  • Telephone - EC$720.00 per annum (taxable);

   Professional - EC$54,000 per annum (taxable);

  Housing – EC$18,000 per annum (taxable). 



Application forms can be obtained from the Government of Montserrat’s website at (Click on ‘Forms’). Application forms can also be obtained from the Human Resources Management Unit, Brades, Montserrat by e-mail to or by telephone at 1 (664) 491-2365/2444 or by fax at 1 (664) 491-6234.


Applicants must provide all of the following information:


  • A completed Application Form with a covering letter

    A comprehensive curriculum vitae with full particulars of experience, and copies of relevant academic qualifications. 

    NOTE: Original certificates of qualifications or official notarized copies will be requested from those invited to interview

    A clear statement detailing why in the applicant’s view he/she considers him/herself well qualified for the position

    Two letters of reference with full contact details of the referees


    Completed application forms must be returned to the Human Resources Management Unit either by email, or by fax or by ordinary mail. These should be addressed to the Chief Human Resources Officer, Human Resources Management Unit, Government Headquarters, Brades, Montserrat.



    Shortlisted applicants will be invited to participate in a selection process that involves attending one or more interviews and/or assessment centres.  These interviews are designed to assess the skills, competencies and attitudes of the applicant and may be conducted via SKYPE or in person.  The Interviews and/or Assessment Centres allow the Selection Panel to draw on more evidence about the applicants than can be derived from the written application.


    The deadline for the receipt of applications is 4:00 p.m. Friday 04th May, 2018.



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