Solicitor General

Job Summary

Department: Other

Salary: $117936- $117936

Grade: R0 - R0

Allowances: Legal Allowance $24,000.00 Travel Allowance $ 8,808.00 Telephone $ 1,746.00 Entertainment $ 8,460.00

Deadline Date: Friday April 23, 2021

Days Left: 11

About the Job


1.       To manage the Legal Services Division within the Attorney General’s Chambers in the provision of professional efficient and ethical services to the Government of Saint Lucia in matters related but not limited to the conduct of Civil Litigation, on provision of legal advice, drafting and vetting on contracts and other agreements.

2.       To work under the direction of and reports to the Attorney General on all matters of a legal nature.

3.       Responds to the Attorney General on all other matters and the Permanent Secretary whenever necessary.




1.       Functions as the Delegate of the Attorney General.

2.       Manages the day-to-day operations of the Advice and Litigation Unit to ensure the provision of effective legal services to the Government of Saint Lucia.

3.       Supervises the work of staff of the Legal Services Division within Chambers to ensure that legal services are provided in an efficient and effective manner.

4.        Supervises the preparation and implementation of work programmes of legal officers.

5.        Appears and represents the Government in Civil matters in the High Court and Court of Appeal.

6.       Arranges for Government representation in Civil matters in the High Court and Court of Appeal.

7.       Tenders legal opinion and advises Government Ministries and Departments in Civil Matters.

8.       Vets legal documents and agreements.

9.     Prepares progress reports and makes recommendations on matters relating to Chambers, to the Attorney General and Permanent Secretary whenever necessary.

10.     Represents the office of the Attorney General on various Statutory and other Boards and Committees.

11.     Represents the Attorney General at official activities.


1.       Functions in a schedule travelling post and will receive travelling and mileage allowance in accordance with approved rates.

2.         Required to maintain a motor vehicle for the proper performance of duties.

3.       Accommodation provided in a general administrative office.

4.       Institutional support is provided through appropriate civil service regulations and departmental guidelines.

5.    Salary and allowances are in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated by Government in the Estimates/Collective Agreement and policy documents.

6.       This post is non-pensionable.



1.     A sound working knowledge and ability to interpret and apply Laws, Legislation, Court and other Rules and Regulations and Agreements.

2.       A working knowledge of and ability to interpret Civil Service Rules and Regulations and Collective Agreements.

3.       Ability to organize and work independently and as a group member on multiple tasks/projects and complete assignments within specified deadlines.

4.       Extensive knowledge of legal principles, practices, and proceedings.

5.       Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates and the public.

6.       Knowledge of Government procedures, proceedings, and practices.

7.       Effective management skills.




          Work performed will be evaluated on the basis of the following:


1.            Demonstrated knowledge of supervisory capabilities and interpersonal skills.

2.            Punctual and consistent attendance to duties.

3.            Demonstrated knowledge of the number of problems investigated and relevance of prescriptions.

4.       Demonstrated knowledge of the structure of the public service and ability to interpret and apply its administrative policies and procedures.

5.     Demonstrated ability in the implementation of duties, responsibilities and assignments as defined in the job description.

6.            Demonstrated ability to comply with and respond to supervision at different levels.


1.            Master’s Degree in Law, a Legal Education Certificate or equivalent Professional Legal Qualification recognized in Saint Lucia, plus five (5) years’ legal experience; or

2.            Bachelor’s Degree in Law, a Legal Education Certificate or equivalent Professional Legal Qualification recognized in Saint Lucia, plus seven (7) years’ legal service experience; and

3.            Qualified to practice law in Saint Lucia.


Basic salary is at the rate of EC$117,936.00 per annum, plus the following allowances per annum:

Legal Allowance    $24,000.00

Travel Allowance   $  8,808.00

Telephone            $  1,746.00

Entertainment       $  8,460.00

 Salary and allowances are exempt from income tax.

Applications, along with two written references and certified copies of documents pertaining to qualifications, should be addressed to:

The Secretary

Judicial and Legal Services Commission

2nd Floor, Heraldine Rock Building

The Waterfront


Saint Lucia, West Indies

To arrive no later than Friday, 23rd April 2021.                          

NB:    Applications may also be submitted via email to  Unsuitable candidates will not be acknowledged. Candidates meeting the minimum qualifications and experience may not be considered for an interview.  Only the candidates with the best qualifications and experience will be shortlisted for interview. 

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